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Guillermo López presented the award for the best international short film at the Buitoni Festival.


At the latest edition of the Butoni Film Festival held in the city of Valencia, Euroairlines took center stage by participating as a sponsor of the film festival.

The Butoni Fest is an international cultural festival that took place in Valencia on November 2, 3, 4, and 5 at the CCC in the Valencian city.

The main goal of Butoni Fest is to be a festival for everyone, a hub of synergies, a meeting place where young filmmakers showcase their works alongside established industry professionals and exchange ideas. It’s a space where emerging musicians share their music accompanied by illustrations from young artists, and where children dreaming of becoming actors learn the ropes of filmmaking. A place where the present and the future come together hand in hand.

Representing the Euroairlines Group, Guillermo López Lázaro, Director of Business Development, had the honor of presenting the award for the best international short film. The accolade went to the short film ‘PARIS 70,’ which has received over 60 awards and has been nominated for the 2024 Goya Awards. It’s an emotional film that, without succumbing to tragedy, addresses the topic of Alzheimer’s disease and underscores the importance of palliative care.

Hol states, ‘It’s an honor to be able to participate in a film festival that has been growing so much in recent years, with international presence from directors, actors, and production companies. It’s special for us to be able to contribute in our own region. Last year, Euroairlines supported Valencian racer Ruben Saldaña for the Dakar, and this year, we wanted to support the film industry.’

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